Andrew Paul Jahnke - U.S. Military Death File

Military Data from Historical Archives:
NameAndrew Paul Jahnke
Service TypeActive Regular
Service NameMarine Corps
PaygradeE5 - E9
Home CityClear Lake
Home StateIowa
Home CountyCerro Gordo
Home CountryUnited States
Marital StatusUnknown
ReligionLutheran Churches
Casualty ZoneIowa
Casualty CountryUnited States
Casualty RegionNorth America
Duty CodeUnknown
Incident Date09/01/1998
Process Date11/05/1998
Year of Death1998
Closure Date09/01/1998
Death TypeNon Hostile Death
Casualty TypeDeceased
Casualty CategoryAccident
Remains RecoveredBody Remains Recovered
Casualty ClosureBuried Unknown Disposition
SummaryAndrew Paul Jahnke
About This Data Record
Apr 18, 2014 - This U.S. military casualty and loss and/or MIA record for Sergeant Andrew Paul Jahnke is one of 135,883 found in our historical archive for the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and War on Terrorism. Our archived military lists include officers as well as enlisted men and women, reservists, etc. Sources of our data are government and public collections and files.

We have attempted to clean and organize malformed and misspelled names, enlistment data, dates, etc. Our unique approach to organizing historical military archives makes our data appropriate for research for the casual visitor as well as professional historians.
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